Rewards, 20 legendary creatures

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  • PDF Files (digital download),
  • Color
  • 2 versions included (mixed creatures on 5 pages, one creature per page on 20 pages)
  • Page size: 8.5 X 11 in.

This document contains 20 legendary creatures to reward young people. The document is ready to be printed. You just need to write a short motivational text by hand in each rectangle provided for this purpose. The illustrated creatures are: centaur, dragon, elf, fairy, gnome, genie, goblin, griffin, unicorn, werewolf, mage, ogre, phoenix, mermaid, troll, pan, cerberus, chimera, alien, yeti.


  • Different creatures on a page (5 pages), PDF file
  • One creature per page (20 pages), PDF file


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