Saint-Valentin - 42 grands mots illustrés - Script (FR)

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  • PDF files (digital download)
  • Language: French
  • Color
  • Lines: sidewalk lines, double lines, calligraphic lines, without lines
  • Page Size: 8.5 X 11 in (landscape orientation)
  • 14 pages, 3 words per page

Large classroom word wall cards to learn vocabulary related to Valentine's Day in French (42 words are illustrated). Four versions are included: without lines, with sidewalk lines, with double lines or with calligraphic lines.

The words are: aile, aimer, ami (amie), amoureux, beau (belle), bisou, bouquet, carte, cadeau, célébrer, cher (chère), chocolat, cinéma, coeur, couple, Cupidon, danser, donner, doux (douce), embrasser, espérer, fête, février, fleur, joli (jolie), lettre, lèvres, marier, poème, recevoir, joyeuse, quatorze, restaurant, rose, rouge, rougir, Saint-Valentin, séduire, sentiment, timide, valentin(e), amour.

Do you want to add an article before the name to differentiate the gender (masculine, feminine)? No problem! Use this document: Genre - 5 grands mots illustrés - Script.

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