Christmas Calculation Worksheet Template

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Last modification: Nov 13, 2020, 3:07:31 PM


  • PDF files in French + Editable text Microsoft Word Document (.docx)
  • Black & white
  • Page size: 8.5 X 11 in.
  • 1 page per file

PDF file in French: "La hotte du père Noël doit contenir 25 cadeaux. Quels tapis contiennent le bon nombre de cadeaux?" The child solves all the sums in order to find the answers. For children who are very visual or have difficulty adding, they can represent the equations with the gifts provided among the files (just cut them out).

In order to adapt the worksheet to the child's level or to translate it into your language, use the Microsoft Word document. Text boxes are already created for this purpose. You can change the font, write your instruction, change the operations for subtraction, multiplication or division, request another total (don't forget to enter the correct total to be obtained in Santa's hood at the bottom of the page ).

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