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- I raise my hand to speak and wait my turn (sitting on the floor and at the desk).

- I raise my hand when I need help.

- I listen and look at the person speaking.

- I speak softly.

- I share materials with others.

- I do the work required without disturbing others.

- I put materials away in the right place.

- I put my belongings away in the checkroom.

- I avoid noise.

- I keep quiet when the lights go out.

- Silence

- I lay my head on my desk.

- I mind my own business. I'm not the class reporter.

- I wait my turn in silence.

- I sit cross-legged on the floor. I keep my hands and feet to myself.

- I walk around calmly.

- I silently take my place in line.

- I walk around the school in line and in silence.

- I respect others in my words and actions.

- I remain seated during snack time and pick up when I'm finished.

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