Le navire (FR) - Illustrated Word Wall (24)

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  • Language: French
  • PDF files (digital download)
  • Versions included: 3 words per page in colors (8 pages) and 16 words per page black and white (2 pages)
  • Page Size: 8.5 X 11''

The illustrated words are: ancre, boussole, baril, cabine, canon, capitaine, carte, corde, échelle, gouvernail, moussaillon, mât, navire, naufrage, naufragé, pavillon, poupe, proue, rames, vigie, voile, bouée, hublot, vague.

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  • Without articles: 3 words per page
  • Without articles: 16 words per page
  • With articles: 16 words per page
  • With articles: 3 words per page


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