Schedule Cards Kids Clip Art (189)

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  • 189 images (96 in color + 93 in black & white)
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The folder contains the following images: daily schedule, eat, snack, recess, morning routine, evening routine, week plan, weekly review, calendar, responsibilities, daily feature, birthday, message, reward period, school bag, diary, project (theme), work, portfolio, workshops, boy in pajamas, school trip, French, mathematics, computer science, library, presentation, story, silent reading, reading to oneself, reading in pairs, listening to a reading, phonological awareness (in french), letters, talk, writing, calligraphy, grammar, dictation, oral presentations, drama, dance, music, physical education (x2), English, science, visual arts (x2), self-portrait, social universe, spiritual life, ethics and religious culture (x2), yoga, relaxation, film, free games, group games, outdoor games, gym games, board games, painting, drawing, crafts, songs, gathering, cleaning and tidying up, chairs on tables, evaluation, numbers , recovery, tutoring, toilet, dressing, puzzle, cooking, mandala, weather, row.

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