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Tags: 1st grade, 2nd grade, English, French, School, Pre-K and Kindergarten, Farm, Sports and Olympics, Sugar time, Universal, 3rd - 4th Grade, 5th and 6th Grade, Themes, House, Clip Art Images

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  • 114 clipart images (57 in color + 57 in black & white)
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The folder contains: airport, library, shop, post office, cafe, fire station, cemetery, church, cinema, clinic, creamery, school, forest, garage, skyscraper, gym, hospital, hotel, building, garden, store, town hall, house, museum, park, ice rink, pharmacy, swimming pool, beach, port, police station, prison, restaurant, stadium, gas station, supermarket, theater, university, factory, orchard, town, zoo, place, sugar shack, countryside, cathedral, cave, castle, desert, farm, cave, igloo, haunted house, mine, monastery, pyramid, kingdom, village.

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