Classroom Rules Clip Art - Fox

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  • 44 clipart images (22 color + 22 black & white)
  • Format: PNG with transparent background
  • Approximate size: 8 in. X 8 in. @ 300 dpi

The folder contains fox images designed to illustrate the following rules: raise your hand to speak (sitting on the floor and at the desk), raise your hand for help, listen and watch the person speaking, speak softly, share materials with others, do the work requested, put away the materials, put away your belongings in the cloakroom, avoid noise, remain silent when the light goes out, silence, lay your head on your desk, mind your own business, wait your turn, sit on the floor with your legs crossed, walk calmly, take your place, walk in a row, respect others, remain seated during the snack (and then put away).

One license allows the use of clipart images in a single class.

The images were created for a print size that does not exceed 8 X 8 in. Click on the Preview button to see some of them.


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